Closer and Further all at the same time

Ennis Montana, home of…something. This being the furthest west I have ever been has brought something interesting to my mind:With every pedal stroke I take I am going further and further from where I live. But at the same time I am getting closer and closer to Portland and the end goal in which i get to go back home. As i reflect on the amazing experience this ride has been. All the parts of the country I may have never seen otherwise. And of course all of the amazing people who my life would remain untouched by if i had not done this. If its the survivors we meet in the McDonalds lie who thank us for what we are doing or the people we have met that have made a similar journey such as the man we met in Yellowstone but he did it in 1948 when he was 13 on a Schwinn cruiser bike and that was how his family moved. The sights and scenery have been amazing. Its been a great ride with great people. I couldnt imagine a better way to spend my summer.

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