Rollin’ Down the East Coast

Bike, eat, sleep, bathroom!
My thoughts…
pedal pedal, hill, grunt, ah the pain, gah, whooo at the top, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 10, 20, 30, 35 mph down hilllllll!!!!!*
Ah, the life of biking across the country. So, much has happened in so little time, each day seems like 5 because absolutely everything that we pass, see,smell and place we stay is new and an experience that will only happen once. While I have had a rocky start first time being sick in 2 years, a small crash and experiencing what an actual hill is like (fyi it is nothing like a highway overpass) I still look forward to the next day. The generous people that we meet each day who are interested in what we are doing (stopping and asking us wherever we go)and are willing to donate (even handing out money from their car window and going to donut shop I saw 7 years ago on the food network to only get free donuts and a donation!) puts a lot of hope in me about people in general and that what we are doing means a lot more than I know.
Furthermore, we did our first portrait project yesterday with Becky Vanderslice and her husband Warren, nicknamed slice, about her experience with cancer. They were very humorous and loving people who have turned their experience into a way to make a positive imapct. They made a great point about choosing how to look at a situation, and how with humor and not accepting defeat you can find strength to fight anything. I will try to remember this and the things that I find everyday inspiration in throughout the ride.
Well, tomorrow is another day and I can not wait to meet more eccentric people and see more of United States, we’ve already done 5 states in 4 days!
Love all of you,

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