My tailwind

We have survived the Appalachian mountains, two centuries and riding 10 days without a rest day. Phew!

Things that have kept us/me going: pb&j, laughter, singing, generous people, stories, music, hugs, talking to people from home, cake, bagels, sleep, waving at people, playing, walks, kareoke, puns, making up, forgivness, being a giant, ice cream, moshers, wake-up music, scenery, Muscle definition, rolling hills, overcast days, experiencing greatness and smallness, crying, relief and bengay.

I don’t know where to begin or where to end when writing about the ride but one thing I have learned is that living in the moment is the sweetest and also the hardest thing to do.

Also, 110 miles on flat land is a whole lot easier than 80 in the mountains, just in case you are wondering.

and I’m pretty speedy.


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