gettin flat tires

The ride into Baltimore today was alright- super hot and super hilly.  today our group expanded as the "fast group" decided to roll with us since they realized that we were having way more fun than them, they loved us, and they’re not actually faster- so we were rolling about 9 deep.  I felt super strong and was rolling up the hills, which I was surprised by.

The group had a bunch of technical errors-four flat tires, 2 of which were mine, and a broken front derailur. I got my second flat about 5 miles from the finish- which was frustrating, but fortunately it happened right next to a McDonalds- we didn’t think twice about ice cream cones.  I had two- super refreshing. 

A woman we meant from the American Cancer Society in Baltimore that we meant last night let a bunch of people here know about us so we had a bunch of people cheering and honking for us. When people seewhat we’re doing, theyjust get so excited andvery generous.  Today when our group stopped for lunch and the support van was way back/lost, the pizza hut we were camped out by just gave us two pizzas.  Another woman just gave us 40 dollars at a stop light.

Got another run in when I got in, which was cool… Baltimore seems just ok- seems unlikely that I’ll go downtown, just too tired.  We are currently trying to figure out the dinner situation- I’m gonna need a lot.  seriously.

riding into D.C. tomorrow, about the same length as tomorrow, 80 miles or so.  Then we have a rest day the next day- I think beer will be in order.

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