We made it!

Hello from Seattle!  I never thought I would get to say that, but the time has come.  All 20 of us made it to Seattle on the 2nd!  I’ve extended my stay here and this is the first time I’ve been able to use the internet since we arrived. 

The last days of our trip turned out to be pretty difficult, especially following some shorter days of downhill through beautiful, remote areas in Montana and Idaho.  As we entered Washington and rode along the border of Washington and Oregon, switching between the 2 states often, we faced lots of wind (there was even a permanent sign in one area warning of severe side wind), busy highways, riding on busy interstates with lots of glass, and a long day of rain on our way to the coast.  However, we also enjoyed more frequent rest days in places I’ve looked forward to since I first learned what the route was, such as Portland and the coast of Oregon.  I spent some time with Megan Dye in Portland, a wonderful host and friend from dance at U of I.  Thanks Megan!  In Seaside, I spent our entire rest day on the beach even though it was slightly chilly.  It was strange to head east for the first time after the coast, but it was worth the 3 days of riding to reach Seattle!  I hit 4000 miles on my cyclometer on the day out of Seaside and considered leaving my bike at that point and walking home as I had accomplished what the trip called for – biking 4000 miles and getting to the other side of the country.  But then I remembered that I had plans in Seattle and it would be cool to get there.

Ewan met me in Seattle and we have stayed with a couple via couchsurfing.com which has worked out really well.  I wanted to stay here primarily to see some dance here and we were able to make it, although a little late, to a performance the night we arrived here.  We’ve also walked around the city a lot and seen a couple different neighborhoods and parks.  Soon we’ll go to Portland for a couple days and then I’ll head home, on a plane.  It’s just now starting to hit me that the trip is actually over and this is not just an extended, extra luxurious rest day.  It’s been 4 days since I’ve biked, the longest time period without biking in 2.5 months, my butt is starting to recover, I’m starting to get used to sleeping on softer surfaces and wear real clothes, get up when I want to, eat what and when I want, etc.  I have a feeling that it’ll be a while before my tan lines fade though.

Perhaps I’ll see in Illinois soon!

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