Seattle and Beyond…

I can’t believe this journey is over!  I still remember clearly how I felt before this trip began.  I was still doubting whether or not I’d even finish in one piece…but all 20 of us made it.  Actually we ended with 21 riders after Alan joined us in Portland.  It’s really strange not getting on my bike after doing the same thing for 72 days! (minus the rest days…)  The completion of this cross country tour is exciting but I’m definately going to miss being carefree, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with amazing people.

I’m at Olympic National Park with my dad right now, exploring the pacific northwest.  I’m so lucky to have a wonderful father who would fly out here and take off work to go camping with me!!  THANKS DAD! I had to put my bike shorts back on for old times sake when I jumped into the Pacific Ocean!!  We’re in Port Angeles and I have one more day to enjoy these gorgeous rainforests…then my travels continue south to visit family in California.  I’m putting off school until the very last minute.


Thank you all for an amazing summer…I couldn’t dream of having a better experience!

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