Well, here we are in West Yellowstone about 2 or 3 miles outside of the park spending our first night in Montana!

Yellowstone was amazing.  We stayed at Bridge Water Campsite along the northern shore of Yellowstone Lake, and the view was absolutely spectacular.  Most of spent the off day exploring around the Yellowstone Canyon or hiking up Elephant Back Mountain, while others used the rest day for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Today we rode the remaining seventy miles or so out of the park stopping at the many points of interest along the way, the most famous of which being Old Faithful.

We stopped there for lunch and waited for the geyser to come alive!  While we were waiting, it was amazing to see how many people approached us and inquired about what we were doing.  Many of the people even mentioned going on line to support us and our cause.  It’s really amazing that no matter where we go, people everywhere seem to welcome us with open arms and are so excited to support us in our efforts to fight cancer.  Often times, people want to help us out and connect with us as a result of their own personal experiences with cancer.  While at times it is overwhelming to see how many people’s lives have been affected by cancer, it is truly inspiring to see people all over the country doing what they can and uniting to combat this common problem.

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