Wall-E Wall-E County, Washington!

As we entered the final state of Washington, although we will be leaving tomorrow, we encountered fun obstacles that made our day fly by. We started off with a 2000 foot climb, which wasn’t as intimidating as it sounds due to the gradual grade. After our climb to the top, we continued onto the rolling wheat fields which created a beautiful view. The view was intriguing due to a technique called strip cropping. This sounds misleading, but it is used in conservation efforts to minimize soil erosion. A few miles out of lunch we ran into a block of road construction. Although some of us tried to ride through the 4 miles of gravel roads, a 6% steep incline, laden with new oil, most of us were able to hitch a ride due to the kindness of strangers with pick-up trucks. Either way we all made it safely.

The state of Washington has not only been gorgeous, but we have already felt the generosity and kindness of the people we have meet. When we arrived in Waitsburg, WA this afternoon a local cajun cafe donated delicious food that really helped reenergize the team. We also celebrated Rachel Burke’s 24th birthday with superb vegan rice crispy treats and candles that her teammates made. 

See you later Washington, BRB! 

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