The Mountains of Wyoming

The day started off a little cool in Dayton. We began our ride somewhere around 3900 ft and went straight into our climb only about 2 miles out of town. The next 16 miles was an almost continual climb up to the summit of Cutler Hill at 8300 ft. We saw some of the thickest forests that we’ve encountered in Wyoming while riding through the Big Horn National Forest. We had some great decents and there were fields of mountain flowers. The air temperature dropped below 60 as we followed the tops of the mountains. We even got to play in some snow at our lunch stop. It was shortly after this point that we saw one of the most beautiful sights that we have ever seen. An 18 mile descent down into a gorgeous river valley called Shell Creek. As we rode our way down the scenery changed. Looming red cliffs arose before us. Large waterfalls crashed along the side of the road. The temperature slowly rose to 80 degrees as we neared the end of our downhill experience. This ride has only made us more excited for the upcoming Rockies. Two days to Yellowstone. We can’t wait.

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