The Illini 4000 visits Mt. Rushmore!

After a restful stay at Rapid City we headed towards our 14th state, Wyoming. Though climbing through mountains is hard work, our reward came when we stopped at Mt. Rushmore National Monument for a team photo. Upon arriving we noticed an enormous number of cars lined up for the parking garage for an independence day celebration. However, the exhaustion of parking space caused traffic to back up on Hwy 16, ergo created congestion, ergo made it fun for us to pass by the cars that normally fly by us on the highway!

We pressed on, passing hill after hill and stopping at shady locations chosen by the driver to enjoy some impressive vistas. These stops definately made the day more enjoyable and this supremo van service lifted everyone’s morale. We finally ended the day with pizza and breadsticks from Pizza hut, tacos from Taco John and hand-prepared fruit yogurt. A last big shoutout to First Baptist Church in Newcastle who not only sheltered us on first request but overflowingly supplied us with food for the next few days. Thank you!

Tomorrow we hit up Gillette for a spectacular 4th of July celebration! Pics and more tales will be coming to you shortly!

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