rapid city

I really love south dakota, it is my favorite state so far. I love the view, the town, and the people here.
In Mitchell, I got donation from a local Chinese Buffet. I am surprised that the owner of the restaurant gave us so much food without asking for the donation form which could be used for tax deduction.  I felt in love with the coffee shop called Theresa in Mitchell, that’s our hang out place, I felt like home there.  When we rode into Wall, the "wall drug" sign appeared every 5 min on I-90, and when we finally got there, it was totally not what I expected. Wall Drug is overrated. But hey, I think Connie really do enjoy the 5 cents coffee.  The ride to rapid city is absolutely awesome. My group (me, Andrea, Dana, Connie) had too much fun with hay bales. We can see mountains/hills from far far away. We had a rest day here. Dairy Queen is so close to the church YAYYY !!! We got free kid’s size blizzrd !!!

PS. Biggie, I know you are stalking me. I miss you a lot. Twin, let’s play when I get back to campus. Alan, thanks for listening to my complains, you are a good friend.

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