Rapid City Rest Day

Hey! After a 60 mile ride yesterday we are currently enjoying a rest day in Rapid City our final stop in South Dakota.

Yesterday’s ride from Wall was rather short with the majority of our group reaching Bethlehem Lutheran Church by 1:30 pm. Upon arrival we made a quick dash to the Dairy Queen located right next door to the church (who ever planned this stay over knew the importance of ice cream!). The American Cancer Society here in Rapid City generously donated water, pickles, powerade mix and free kids size blizzards from Dairy Queen – which we all used on our trip to the DQ.

After unpacking the van Praveen, Matt and I headed out to look for dinner donations. After coming up short at the first few places we stopped we pulled into Domino’s where the manager generously gave us 8 pizzas to feed our hungry teammates. Many people headed back to DQ after dinner to complete their daily dairy fix.

This morning Andrew, Jon, Nick and myself got up and made the team pancakes as a pre-breakfast. (One box of pancake mix doesn’t go as far as it use to.) I then headed downtown with Fei, Xixi, Andrea, Takaya and Yiming where we completed our breakfast at a local diner. From there we headed to the bike shop as I needed to get my bike checked out after the chain fell off three times yesterday afternoon. Upon measuring my chain I was told that it measured beyond the "needs to be replaced" mark meaning that I needed to have my chain replaced. Thankfully they were able to do it quickly and hopefully this will mean the end of my skipping, falling off chain! After visiting the bike shop we headed to the library for awhile where I uploaded some photos and started this blog. (Note: 30 minutes goes by quickly thus why I’m back here at the library 5 hours later to finish bring you this update!) From the library I headed to the grocery store to buy some food for lunch and then went back to the church to install my new break pads and do a Portrait Project interview.

Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills and Wyoming tomorrow!

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