No Potatoes Yet

To those who missed our last installment of the I4k journal, we promise that we have a good reason! After a great rest day in Missoula, where we enjoyed the pro-bicyclist leaning of the city, our next destination was just past Lolo pass on Route 12 in Idaho. Our stopping point was a campground with plenty of space for our 5 tents. Several people decided to sleep outside while others stayed in the tents. The place was quite scenic and very nice, considering that we just chose the location out of convenience. The river next to our campground was a great spot to cool off.

We left that location today but hadn’t bike 10 miles before stopping again for at least an hour. Nested in one of the trails was a series of hot springs, which we took advantage of. Given that showers were not expected, they were a very welcome addition to our ride. After about 60 miles of following the river, we arrived in our current location, another campground called "Wild Goose Campground".

Stay tuned for more updates!

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