Today we traveled from west Yellowstone to Ennis Montana. The mornings here are a lot colder due to the altitude and a lot of us had to bundle up, but it quickly got warmer.  

We stopped for water at a location that once held a resort building.  However, due to an earthquake a while back it fell in to the river.  Overall, the ride was flat and we arrived quickly. We where supposed to stay at Ennis Elementary school, but was a mix-up where we were unable to get in contact with anyone there.  After a little bit of searching, a few of us stumbled upon a church where a lady was turning on the sprinklers outside.  We told her about our situation, and after a few brief phone calls we were all set up for the night!  Big thanks to everyone at the Assembly of God Church in Ennis. The time spent looking for a place to stay was put to good use in other ways as well, as a lot of us were able to get some good candy at the local pharmacy.

On a different note, today marks the beginning of mustache Montana.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon, it involves a few brave souls gathering together the courage to wear a mustache for the entire duration of Montana.  It’s not so much about the mustache, but rather the camaraderie that all mustachioed people feel.  So far three of us are participating in this event (Nick, Praveen, and Jay), but I imagine more will follow after they see the raw maturity and ruggedness emanating from our upper lips.

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