sorry for not updating my blog for a really really long time.
i miss u all, Li, Jie, Aunt, Uncle, grandma grandpa, biggie and twinie
Missoula is prob one of the smallest cities that i ever been to. it is def something new. a lot of people in the city are actually not from here. hippies? I was surprised to see so many people in the library were waiting for the public computer, because in any other cities that i’ve been to, the public computer was never fully occupied.
i went for a morning wrong today on a trail along the river. It feels so good. I realized how strong i have become because of biking, it definitely gave me more confident for the half marathon in September.
we visited the adventure cycling association at 10am, nice place !!! we were welcomed !!!
i will try to go ask for some donations this afternoon with nick, and get some groceries for myself, i heard the next two days we will be camping outside.
thinking about there are not too many days left makes me kinda sad.
our team is a strong team and people on this team are good people.
it’s not about the destination, it is about the journey.

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