Hello Missoula

Hello! Today’s ride took us from Hamilton to Missoula where I am typing to you from the public library. The ride was flat and short, a change from recent days and with a rest day in Missoula tomorrow will almost make it seem like we get two rest days!  After getting kicked off the computer after 30 minutes of use at the library in Hamilton yesterday, my sister sent me a text saying I’d left her in suspense as to what happened next – thus I had her finish my blog over the phone last night. Thanks Kimmy!
I’m happy to report that today I did not hit any large rocks and my tires seem fine. We arrived in Missoula by lunch time and had a peanut butter, jelly and honey sandwich picnic outside the van on the lawn of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (our host in Missoula). After unloading the van I headed to the Post Office to check the status of a general delivery package my mother sent me however apparently the postal service sent it to another post office in Missoula so I will have to pick it up tomorrow. I tried to upload some photos to my Photo Album however the connection here is SLOW and inconsistent so it doesn’t seem to be working very well.
Here are a few photos to entertain you until I get the rest uploaded to Picasa.
I4K Girls celebrate Mustache Montana!
The team before departing Big Sky Baptist Church this morning.

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