Hamilton! Through Chief Joseph’s Pass

Today began with blustering winds and threatening rain clouds. We were reticent to exit the warmth of the community center in Wisdom, and enter the reign of the mosquitoes outside. After mustering our courage, and realizing that Matt’s birthday is today, we got around to finishing breakfast and preparing for the Mosher. Sandy gave the Mosher, providing words of encouragement by referencing all that we’ve accomplished thus far. We had a massage circle to relax our shoulders, and completed the morning routine by singing Happy Birthday to Matt.

We set out toward an impending climb and gray skies. At mile 10 or so, the grade began to steepen. The tall pines lining the street provided wind protection, and we maintained a reasonable speed through the first water stop, at mile 20. Immediately following the water stop, the grade picked up for the next 5 miles, and provided a challenge to our legs. We climbed at a steady pace through the continental divide for the 3rd time, and began the steep descent into the valley. The miles flew by as we cut through the rock lined roadway. Before we knew it, Nick was swinging his arms wildly in a motion resembling that of an "Air Guitar," in order to wave us into the second water stop. We paused for a few minutes, and continued down hill through mile 60, where we enjoyed our lunch beside a cool stream. The fisherman seeking trout passed by in boats, and some of us tried our hand at skipping stones across the creek. After enjoying some delicious sandwiches, we continued on the road. The remainder of the ride was relatively uneventful, and went by very quickly. We arrived to a warm welcome from the Baptist church in Hamilton, and eagerly await a delicious dinner in celebration of Matt’s birthday. Until then, I4K.

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