Getting Buff in Buffalo, WY

As we departed our restful stay at the recreation center in Gilette, we headed toward our next destination: Buffalo, WY. The ride was stunningly breathtaking – peddling up a hill as it revealed a spectacular display of snow-covered mountains. A combination of rolling hills and grassy plains covered the terrain. Although it was a laid-back 70 mile day, the heat overwhelmed us all. A side trip to Mickey D’s cooled us off, though. After a pizza/salad dinner, a large group ended their day with a trip to the cinema for "Wallie." A couple others were met with an extremely kind group of strangers who generously offered them food and a fiesta.

A big thank you to:
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for your hospitality and provided food.
Grace Fellowship Church for a spontaneous fiesta invitation.
Cinema across the street who gave us a disount for "Wallie."

Tomorrow, Dayton! (and showers!)

If anyone would like to send us mail/packages to Missoula, MT we will have a general delivery mail stop there on the 16th and the 17th. The mailing address is:

(Rider name)
General Delivery
200 E. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802

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