bicycle composter!

Hi there, from Missoula, MT!

I love this place.  There are people who volunteer to bike around town collecting organic waste from local businesses for compost! It’s such a good idea, maybe Urbana-Champaign will also do something like this.  There’s a beautiful river perfect for swimming that runs right through the center of town, tons of options for coffee drinkers, mountains surrounding the whole town.  Oh, and also a great yarn store that sells pre-spun wool.  I hope I get to come back here some day!

Internet access has been really hard to come by, but the past few days (weeks even?) have been really incredible.  Crossing the rockies has not been as difficult as I prepared for, and it’s been even more beautiful than I hoped it could be.  (Minus the swarms of mosquitoes outside of Wisdom). 

Seeing Yellowstone was also an amazing experience.  It’s a really unique experience on a bicycle, and a much more personal experience.  Also, when the buffalo block roads, we can ride right through the traffic jam!!! YEssss!!!

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