Badlands & Wall Drug!

Last night was extremely clear, so a few brave souls, including myself, slept outside.  We hoped to see our first glimpses of the aurora borealis.  This was not to be, oh well.  We woke to the sun raising and we started our day the same as always. 
     It was to be a long ride today, and we were to have heat to spare.  As we rode we went trough one small town after another, and made it to Kadoka, SD.  The team regrouped and had an early lunch.  After a few stops we had to ask ourselves a question, ’to go to the badlands or not?’
    A small contingent when to our stay over location of Wall, SD.  The rest added on the twenty extra miles and rode the badlands.  It was amazing; the painted hills were striking against the prairie.  The alien landscapes rising from the floor of the valley thousands of feet high.  We were able to talk to some people at the visitor centre and at the scenic out looks.  Some of these people we would run in to later today at our next stop.
     WALL DRUG!!!  The free ice water, the five cent coffee, homemade doughnuts.  All good, I thought for a tourist trap that the prices would have been way higher then they where.  We all got some ice cream and hung out for a bit.  Mr. Matt Cilick made pizza for dinner tonight, it was divine.  After dinner we walked over to the Drug (wall drug) for some more refreshments.  Our stay over location is located behind Wall Drug, a prime local for us. 
     Well this has been Stephe Kamykowski, catch ya’ on the flip side.

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