Sorry this is a day late, but we had a few very busy days in Portland.  We left Cascade Locks a little late, around 8 instead of 7:30.  It didn’t matter too much; we only had a 40 mile day into Portland, and we had to meet Barbara and Bruce (two alumni club members who led us into town) at the 22 mile mark at 11:30.  We took our time, and stopped at several large waterfalls.  One of them is the second largest year-round fall in the U.S. The meeting point was at the top of a large hill, so once we met the alumni it took us very little time to get the rest of the way into town.  The Alumni club threw us a barbaque lunch, and then we went to kennedy school for showers.  We got to the church at around 6.  Most people went out for dinner.  We also got a HUGE donation from Panera.  People spent time until they went to bead eating.

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