1 more day to Yellowstone !!!

Today we had a short ride to Cody, WY.  It was not as scenic as yesterday, there was less greenery and more rock formations,   We had our lunch in Cody.  Andrew’s mom’s friend, Ms. Jane Pennick bought us DQ.  Andrew mentioned free DQ in today’s Mosher (Motivational) speech — it really motivated us during today’s ride.  Many thanks to Ms. Pennick. Large size blizzards are awesome!

Cody is an interesting town. It is deeply influenced by old west cowboy culture.  Walking done Sheridan St, we saw so many cowboy customer stores, cowboy gift shops, rodeo shows, etc. It was also a cyclist friendly town. We felt like we had a lot of previliges in the town because we had a seprate lane.  When we walked around in the town, we saw a lot of cyclists / cycling fans who were very interested in us.

We are so ready for Yellowstone National Park!

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