We’re bubbly over Champaign!

     Today’s weather appeared at first to be ominous. We packed our bags to fierce rainfall, and gladly returned to the haven of the church for a delicious pancake breakfast. We were pleasantly surprised upon our return to the road with great weather, and smooth sailing all the way into the Mooney car dealership, crossing the Illinois state line along the way, where we met the generous gentleman, who loaned us our vital support vehicle. We continued into the wind after a short break, and arrived in Champaign county after some intense peddaling.
     Lunch was eaten in the cool shade at one of our cues, and we enjoyed some leftover pancakes from the morning’s breakfast. We pushed onward into the wind, traveling northwest toward Urbana. We reconnected with familiar people and terrain at Homer Lake, and were reinvigorated for our final approach to Urbana. Upon arriving at the alumni center, we were received with generous support and generous helpings of food and water. We enjoyed reconnecting with campus, and are excited to be traveling toward Chebanse tomorrow!

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