Warm day in Indiana

We have made it to Carmel Indiana just outside of Indianapolis and are spending tonight at the Carmel Luterian Church.

Today began in Richmond Indiana. Wake up seemed to come a little earlier then normal due to the fact that I was still rather tired from yesterdays 110 mile ride. After pulling myself from my sleeping bag and packing my stuff Brad Moshered me- marking the first time I have had the Mosher card this summer. It was right before breakfast as well so I ended up giving the Mosher speech with little time to prepare.

Once on the rode it warmed up quickly as the morning progressed. We stopped for lunch shortly after mile 50 at around 12:30 pm and arrived in Carmel shortley after 3pm with 75 miles on the day. After unpacking the cooler I walked to the grocery store with Praveen, Stephe, Jay and Matt and bought ice cream and pop tarts.

Someone from the Indianapolis area who is an Illinois alum took our laundry home to wash it while the church and another area alum provided us with pasta for dinner. The church has also provided us with food for breakfast ensuring we will leave with full stomachs in the morning. Tommorow we ride 80 miles to Rockville Indiana-another warm day on the road.

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