State number 8….annnnddd we’re in WISCOSIN

After a refreshing extra hour of sleep we started the day off with an intense 30-second bike ride and photo shoot at the Northwestern Evanston Hospital in Highland Park. We were warmly welcomed by Hania Fuschetto and Vice President Lindsey Cox before embarking on our VIP tour of the oncology center. Karen, Carole Martz, Sonya and Hania showed us around the facilities including the exam rooms, treatment rooms and the radiation clinic. We were also treated to a panel discussion featuring cancer survivors Bruce Horwitz and Angela Scarim. Dr. Matthew Adess, Carole Martz, and Stacey were also in attendance to explain details of the cancer treatment process and to answer any questions.  

After our morning tour we headed North to Lake Geneva, WI around 11 AM, 4 hours later than normal, but considering how much we learned at the hospital it was well worth the delay. As the day progressed like normal, with few directions missing and getting lost, we were nearing the Wisconsin border. However, the directions were missing a vital cue and we were lost in a subdivision when a 6th grade boy named Matthew came to our rescue. With permission from his parents he led 17 riders and the support vehicle about ¼ of a mile to the Wisconsin border, where we parted ways because 6th grade boys can only go so far from home, before getting caught by border or parent control.  

Back on track, we cruised the rest of the way to Lake Geneva, where we lured in by prospects of an evening swim down the street from Brad Topol’s lake house, where we are spending the night. News of a hearty chili dinner for both vegetarians and carnivores specially prepared by Andrea Clark’s mom was a strong motivation to leave the cold lake. The comforts of home and a healthy home cooked meal helped replenish our bodies and spirits for tomorrow’s ride to Madison, Wisconsin.  


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