Rest day in Dublin

It is our second rest day. I feel so comfortable and clean in Andrew’s house. His parents and family friends are so nice to us. We get used to share used bowls and plastice forks, and now we have real bowls, it is awesome.

I went for an half an hour run after breakfast. I need to get in shape, so I can run Chicago half marathon in September with my biggie. My legs were really sore, but it feels good to run.

The whole ride makes my life healthier. We sleep on time, get up on time, exercise a lot. At night, we can write journals and do some readings. I like this kind of life style.

Time flies !!! We’ve been riding for 2 weeks already, that means we are 1/5 way done. YAYY !!!

I have a feeling that this ride will change my life. I defnintely learn a lot more about cancer; I was amazed by their strength; I have the opportunity to experience different culture in different town, people have different life style in different town; I have time to appreciate the beauty of nature; I met a lot great people through the ride.

I am so excited to meet up with my big sis.

I am happy that Kevin will be back to Champaign on June 7th.

We will have our hardest ride tomorrow in terms of distance. I am a little bit nervous ! haha…

There is no bad day.

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