Rest day in Chicago

Yesterday was my first time to visit Millenium Park, pretty excited. And I finally got to see the famous "bean".  Lunch was pretty simple, we had a lot of family/ friends fans to welcome us in the park, it feels good to be welcomed. We visited UIC medical center, it is hard to believe that little kids are also affected by cancer.  It is sad.  I just wish our cause will help those people who needed help.  Cancer is bad, and we are not sure what caused it.  It only makes me feel better when I am able to do something about it.

I took grey hound back to champaign to visit Kevin and other friends.  Can’t believe the bus is late for more than an hour, I almost lost all my patient.  I went back to Champaign at 1am and have to leave at 10:50am. I will have lunch with my sisters later today. Haven’t seen them since the ride starts, they must be amazed by my cool tan line. haha …

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