Rest Day #2

Today the team enjoyed its second rest day spending the day relaxing at Andrew Erikson’s home in Dublin, Ohio. It was the first day that we have gotten to sleep in and while some riders took advantage of this to catch up on sleep others were up early having already adjusted to the early wake up schedule. After a trip to the bike shop this morning we spent the day resting, fixing up our bikes and catching up things that needed to get done.

Around 5:00 pm we got on our bikes and headed to a local park where we enjoyed a picnic style dinner with Columbus area University of Illinois alumni and friends of the Erikson’s. We all left full and energized for tomorrow’s 110 mile ride into Indiana! The Erikson’s have been wonderful during our stay in Dublin providing with more than we could have ever imagined, it will be sad to leave in the morning but with another state checked off our itinerary we will be 110 miles closer to Seattle come tomorrow night.


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