Today was a beautiful ride through the Wisconsin countryside. We enjoyed traveling through the dairy heartland of the U.S., and the terrain provided for some great aesthetics. We also bore witness to some of the less pleasant side effects of the flooding-our support vehicle was out of commission for much of the day due to detours, and we had to walk our bikes through a wiped-out roadway (See the team photos!). This provided for added adventure, and make nice memories for our trip, but our heart goes out for all those families in Wisconsin seriously affected by the flooding.

We had lunch near the 60 mile mark, near the peak of a long climb. The lead group left lunch feeling great, and took off at pace toward Reedsburg. We stopped for some delicious bagged milk (sealed in plastic bags instead of bottles), which tasted amazingly fresh. We had a long, relaxing stop at the Kwik Trip, and arrived at the church to a nice reception.

Ben and I were responsible for the meal today (Thanks to Drew Webster for his awesome support of the team in Fitchburg yesterday!). We re-heated some leftover pasta dishes, and prepared some beans for protein. I’m looking forward to burning the meal off tomorrow, and then some! We’ll be in Lacrosse…stay tuned!

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