Recharging in Murrysville

After several days of 80+ mile rides, the team received an unexpected surprise when today’s ride to Murrysville, PA was only 25 miles long. After a few short hills and some amazing views, the team arrived at our stayover location before noon. We were even able to sleep in an extra hour before we left!
Once, we arrived in Murrysville, the good times just kept on rolling. The last of the team arrived just before the service at the church we are staying at got out. This was great because it allowed us to meet talk with many different members of the community and the congregation, which unfortunately is not always possible. As we were a this was going on, we also met a local police officer and fellow cycling enthusiast who was out on bike patrol and decided to swing by.
After everything had sort of settled down, the team had a nice relaxing afternoon to fix up our bikes, stretch our legs, and catch up on some much needed sleep. At around 5 o’clock though, many of the people we had met that morning returned to the church and helped to prepare an amazing meal for us. The buffet table was enough to make even the most stalwart competitive eater question his confidence, and the deserts were amazing. However the best part was the company. The generosity kept on coming as people offered us places to shower and the opportunity to do laundry. Dee, one of the women we met, even went out and did our breakfast shopping for us and brought it back to the church!
Perhaps the greatest aspect of our visit here in Murrysville, however, was the chance to sit down with three cancer survivors from the community who volunteered to participate in our Portrait’s Project; a compilation of interviews and visual portraits of people we meet along the way who have been affected by cancer. After listening to Diane, Ken, and Kathy’s stories, it really helps to put the ride into perspective, and to remember why we’re doing it in the first place.

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