Mitchell SD

We’ve had an exciting past couple of days! The team rode through a wind farm on our way out of Minnesota, and furthermore, we were able to see some wind turbine blades in transit on the highway as they passed us by. The terrain has been moderately hilly, which provides some nice work for our legs.

Though the good weather has been intermittent, we’re riding really well as a team, so things are rolling smoothly. I’m looking forward to progressing further toward Seattle tomorrow!

The rest day has been really nice. The people of Mitchell have been very generous in donating food to us, and we’ve enjoyed the hospitality of the local South Dakotans. The corn palace located here was a little bit of a disappointment, but is nonetheless entertaining-it provides a justification for the arbitrary stuff that people do to attract tourists. Though I’m sad not to have enjoyed the corn palace in my home town as a child, I’m glad I get to see the various murals the artists have built into the side of the building. I can’t wait to see all the other fun and kitchy things South Dakota has to offer!

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