Hello from a new state — South Dakota! We had an early wake-up this morning to bike our second longest ride of the summer so far, 95 miles from Marshall, Minnesota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We faced a strong headwind early this morning, in one of the windiest regions of the country, but luckily we were able to sail through the afternoon. We had a “macho” water stop in the town of Manley, population 16, the smallest town we’ve seen yet. A small group decided to take a short detour to visit tristate park the point at which iowa, minnesota, and south dakota intersect where they did a joyful jig around the midwestern trifecta’s monument. New scenery of note today — fields with rock formations, pink roads and gravel, and windmills. we rode in through the city of Sioux Falls and arrived this afternoon at Zion Lutheran Church and a generously donated pizza dinner, yum!

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