Madison, WI

Today we arrived in a town not too far away from Madison, WI. We stayed at Brad’s lake house yesterday in Geneva, which was tons of fun. We all got to sleep on beds and had great chili from Andrea’s mom. Yesterday, however, also marked the end to flat lands as we started seeing more and more rolling hills. Wiconsin turned out to be much more fun to ride through than Illinois even though the roads were filled with potholes and gravel. As we leave the midwest, we are all excited/nervous with anticipation for the less populated states in the west, such as Montana and South Dekota. We are expected to camp more and have less access to things like shower and internet.

Today, one of the riders from last year came over and took us all to dinner at Noodles. Noodles Company generously gave us a big discount on our meals and free fountain drinks. We ended the dinner with a chili sause eating competition, which left a few people in pain including myself. Our next state is going to be Minnesoda, which should be tons of fun.

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