What a perfect day for bicycles!! And merry-go-rounds (rustic, homemade, tire swing-bench)!!

Today was 75 degrees and sunny, with winding country roads, very few potholes and limited traffic. We rode from Fitchburg to Reedsburg under clear blue skies and just a few obstacles. Go to the photo gallery to see images of the obstacle course we encountered. Unfortunately, all of the news we heard about the flooding turned out to be true. County road PF was completely washed out and collapsed due to the immense amount of rain. Despite missing sections of road, the ride was spectacular. For many of the riders, today was one of their favorites.

As we passed through the small town (pop. <100) of Denzer, a few of the groups coincidentally all stopped at this rustic merry go round. Go to the photo gallery to see images of this adventure.

We were so close to Reedsburg when a few riders stopped abruptly. It’s not uncommon to wind up with a few bugs in your mouth or maybe one in your eye. but a bug in your ear?? Sandra Moxley had the luck today to find out what it’s like to have a bug in your ear… Fortunately, we were able to remove the bug, and no damage was done to Sandy’s ear.

After we all made it to Reedsburg, we had a filling dinner prepared by John and Ben, with live music performed by John while we ate. Following daily traditions, a large group of us walked to the local ice cream shop for a homemade treat, a perfect way to celebrate Dairy Month!

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