goodbye Urbana

It was so unreal to bike to Urbana. We came through a long way. Sadly, I didn’t ride yesterday to Urbana because I have to buy a new back wheel.  My original one is dead from a crash on US-40. T.T

Today was an easy ride. The whole team is going beyond 20miles. Thanks to the tail wind. I had a conversation with Xixi and Ben about how this ride changed or going to change our life. One thing we all agreed on is that we became mentally stronger than before. We learned to push ourselves harder.  Many people think biking across the country is impossible, but now I think anyone can do it, if they are mentally strong enough. We also leared to appreciate.  The food gave us strength, the water keep us away from thirsty, the wind carried away our body temperature so we won’t feel like boiling under the sun, the hills in Penn made us so much stronger, the generosity people had, the strength that the survivors showed us…

It is also amazing to experience so many different life style that people had in different town. In Baltimore, the freesby house, the people there are PUNX; in Mt. Pleasant, the church is the center, everyone is so faithful and grateful… there are so much to see and so much to think about.

It is sad to say bye to Urbana, but we will be in CHICAGO in 2 days !!!

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