For those about to Rocksville, we salute you!

     We left Carmel, IN, in high spirits after our restful night in the beautiful Carmel Lutheran Church.  Though many of our mileage cards read 108 miles the ride ended up only being 78 miles.  One rider, who will remain nameless, decided to adjust the mileage on the cue board, and everyone was preparing for a longer day.  The weather through most of the day was very hot, we were refreshed in the later portion of the ride with a breif sun shower.  It escalated to lightning and we were forced to take shelter.  Fortunately we saught shelter in a small ice cream store and finished the last 7 miles of the ride full of delicious ice cream.  We arrived to friendly greetings and a delicious meal in Rocksville.  We have been promised pancakes for breakfast tomorrow and are excited for this delicous breakfast.  Stay tuned for details about our Champaign reception tomorrow.

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