Dublin, Ohio!

The team is currently at the Erikson residence in Dublin, Ohio. We arrived in Dublin this afternoon and were welcomed with an amazing meal and showers after a long warm day on the road. Today’s route consisted of just over 80 miles with temperatures nearing 90 degrees by late afternoon. We were on the road shortly after 7 am and followed different bike paths for the majority of the morning before stopping for lunch in Johnstown where we each enjoyed our own personal pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut. Pizza has been the theme of the past 24 hours after Jon and Nick got a number of pizza places in Zanesville to donate pizzas for dinner last night. With 30 miles to cover after lunch we got back on the road and headed toward Dublin. The land has flattened out significantly in the past day and we got our first taste of headwinds this afternoon along with intense heat and humidity. By 5:30 p.m. all of our groups had arrived at the Erikson’s where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner. We are extremely grateful to Andrew’s parents for letting us stay at his house during our stay over here in Dublin. Tomorrow we have an off day which will be spent relaxing and resting up for the upcoming week when we make our way through Indiana and into Illinois!

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