day ten

Tonight is our last night in Pennsylvania!  Goodbye, Appalachian Mountains!  Actually I have heard the mountains might stretch into Ohio so I might be speaking too soon.  Tomorrow’s ride will be bittersweet…my body (especially my quads) will definitley be happy to leave the mountains, but the scenery has been amazing!  The hills have been so challenging, but they are really rewarding once you get to the top. 

One of my favorite days of riding so far was 3 days ago (approximately) when Dana, Andrea, John, Brad and I jumped in a beautiful lake at the top of one set of hills!  It was freezing cold, but once we started climbing again i remembered it was well worth it.  I’ve been making it through these hills mostly with the support of Dana and Andrea..  They have helped push me through all the 80% inclines (thats what it feels like at least) and kept all the rides really light hearted and fun….EXTREME!!

I’m going to find some ice cream in Carnegie, PA now….Ciao!

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