Dancing Around the Minne-Kota-Wa Pole.

We woke up at 5:30am with a long day ahead and a questionable weather forecast. After a breakfast of cereal and milk we were out the door and on our bikes before 7am. Praveen drove today and waited for the grocery stores to open in Marshall Minnesota where he did an awesome job getting donations of food.
The morning was very flat and windy however it was also nice and cool. We rode through an area of wind turbines that lined the land for as far as we could see. At around mile 60 we stopped for lunch of PB&J and cheetos on the side of the road. From lunch we continued on to about mile 80 where we were about two miles from the Iowa border.
Nick, John S., Andrew, Stephe, Rachel and myself decided that we would go check out the tristate park where the three states meet. Doing this involved about a four mile detour, two miles of which were on a sand/dirt road. When we reached the marker we took photos by it before dancing around it yelling the states we were in as we circled (Nick has a video of this which I will try to get and post).
From the landmark it was about 16 miles to the Zion Lutheran Church where we are spending the night. When we arrived we found that the pastor had generously gotten us ten pizzas for dinner which were very delicious.
Tomorrow it’s off to Mitchell South Dakota and the Corn Palace!!! Total mileage for today 100.39 miles!

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