Cows, cows, and more cows

Today is a wonderful rest day in Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the only Corn Palace in the world, as we are often reminded.  Everyone in South Dakota seems to enjoy telling us about its few claims to fame.  Yesterday we left Sioux Falls after an early morning thunderstorm which left menacing clouds all around.  We biked through rain with heavy lightning in the distance but luckily the afternoon showed us blue skies.  It was a nice, calm ride, the most exciting part being the herds and herds of cows we passed.  One huge herd of cows all turned and stared at us as we passed and then all began to run with us.  Connie said she had never seen cows move so fast!  Apparently cows aren’t as lazy as one might think here in South Dakota.  Another herd of cows was bathing in a pond!  They all stood in the water and simply watched us bike along.  We passed another cow which stood on a mound of dirt, appearing to rule the cow kingdom.

Later, after arriving to Mitchell, we received many donations of delicious food and hospitality.  We were able to relax last night, sleep in a bit this morning and then we visited the Avera Cancer Center.  We were given a tour of the center and the chance to ask questions to the staff and a cancer survivor.  The rest of the day is free with plenty of time to roam the Corn Palace!

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