corn palace!

Mitchell, SD is a perfect place for a rest day!  After much anticipation, we finally got to see the infamous corn palace.  I wasn’t expecting to see very much in south dakota, but prospects of going to the Wall Drug (free ice water, 5 cent coffee…) are surprisingly motivational.  After all the beautiful scenery and swimming lakes/pools/rivers in Minnesota and Wisconsin, I wasn’t sure I would be very enthusiastic about riding, but thankfully I was wrong, there’s so much more to look forward to.

The last couple of days Andrea and I have been on cooking duty which has been a really fun experience for me.  Preparing food for 20 people who are all very hungry is a daunting task, but we’ve been getting better at estimating how much people can eat!  Last night the school we are staying at didn’t have a kitchen, but luckily the people of Mitchell were so generous to us and provided gourmet hand tossed pizzas and some chinese food. 

I can’t believe this is already the halfway point in our ride (time-wise).  This trip has been an incredible experience so far, I can’t wait for what will come in the next month!!  And hopefully, I’ll start blogging more frequently!

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