back with the team

i find it strange and a bit offsetting that i can’t view or edit my older posts, which is why i’m reluctant about using the official website instead of something else to blog. however, at the request of my dear mother, i’ve decided to post an update. i’d also like to take this chance to say that my personal blogger is not associated with and does not reflect the views or opinions of the illini 4000.

so, that being said – we’re currently in reedsburg, wisconsin (population 9000). i took a few days off in chicago to take care of some personal business and rejoined the team last night in madison. and it’s great to be back! spending time with my family was wonderful but i’m ready to start the "second leg" of the trip and make our way north before heading into south dakota. we met a nice group of people today that were doing a day ride and one woman mentioned that she had done a cross country trip some years back from oregon to maine! she had plenty of route advice to give us but i can’t say i’m really the person to go to about that. two more days of riding and it’s another rest day!

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