And a century later

We started our day earlier than usual, at 5:30 A.M. to promptly leave the comfort of the Erikson’s home.  After a relaxing rest day, we were ready for the "Century Challenge"!  The outset of the ride was comfortable.  As we progressed through Ohio, we encountered a bit of a challenge along the way . . . Although we had not trained for river forging, we met the challenge head on. 

     Soon after the river forging we were met with a rain that lasted the entire day, and was intersperesed with hail.  Though this added to the challenge of the century, our riders were up to the task.  We arrived in Richmond, IN, to a warm downtown area.  The friendly people at 5th Street Bagels donated an ample supply of bagels for the team’s breakfast.  Saint Andrews Catholic Church furthermore provdided showers, a computer with internet, some food, and of course, shelter over our heads.  Until next time, team I4K.

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