25 mile rest day

Hello we are currently in Murrysville PA after a short 25 mile ride this morning. Because of the days short milage we got to sleep in an extra hour this morning waking up at 7am instead of 6am. The United Methodist Church in Mt. Pleasant donated cereal and english muffins for breakfast and after packing up we were on the road around 8:30am. The ride today was rater uneventful- so short that we didnt even take a water stop. I rode with team out of state again plus Matt and after thinking we were lost about 17 miles into the ride we found our way and arrived in Murrysville around 11:15am. The ride included some hills including one very steep climb about 20 miles in however other then that it was pretty easy.

When we arrived at Calvary Lutheran Church in Murrysville they were in the middle of their sunday service so the majority of us waited outside playing games on the grass until they finished. I spent the afternoon catching up on things, writing thank you letters, drying my wet laundry from yesterday and journaling.

The Calvary Lutheran Church genourously provided us with an amazing buffet dinner that included hot dogs, salads, stuffed shells, chicken, fruit and much more. They then shuttled us to different houses to take showers before returning to the church for the night.

Im not sure where we are headed tomorrow but its west of Pittsuburgh. We will be riding on our off day in order to break up what would have been an extremly long day on tuesday.

I have been having my sister update my blog the past few days so if you have sent me an email in the past week I have not read it. I will get back to you next time I have acess to a computer. I will also try to add pictures to my photo album next time I have computer acess.

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