2000 MILES!!!

Today, we are officially halfway done with our trip, which is pretty exciting. Minnesota has been a pretty awesome state so far with some nice scenery and lots of generous people. We had a fantastic time in Rochester at the Mayo clinic. A few of us were able to take a brief tour of the place and talked with the lady at the Cancer Education Center there. In addition to the Mayo clinic, a random stranger a few of the riders met at a local coffee shop invited us over for dinner on our rest day. Justin and his friends were extremely hospitable. They cooked us dinner with deserts, sparkling wine, and topped it off with s’mores. All of us had a great time at Justin’s house just talking and enjoying  the great summer night. It will definitely be an experience I go back to when I feel down in the future.

Our next state is going to be South Dakota, which is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time since we don’t know what to expect from this state. So far all we know is that the towns are going to be small and farther apart from each other. We may also have to ride on the interstate highway for an extended period of time and camp for the first time since the trip started. Other than that, everyone is excited for the Corn Palace, Mt. Rushmore, and all the other crazy and exciting things we are gonna see out west! 

The only thing I am hoping for right now for our next town is shower. I havnt taken a shower in five days and I’m beginning to smell. I may be able to go on two more days without showering, but after that I’m gonna have to start knocking on people’s doors for shower.

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