110 Miles

We made it! Today we rode 109 miles from Andrews home in Dublin Ohio to Richmond Indiana. The day began with an early wake up at 5:30am giving us extra half an hour riding time. We were on the rode by 6:45am and had covered 20 mile by 8:15.

The excitement of the morning came when the entire team met up on a road with a bridge out. We decided to take on the challange and forward the river- actually we all picked up our bikes and walked them across the wooden plank at the bottom (pictures to follow when I get actual internet acess). The morning passed rather qucikly and we rolled into lunch at mile 65 around 12:30pm. I rode with a number of different groups this morning before hanging with the caboose for the afternoon. XiXi had a bad back tire and for the final 20 miles of the ride we stopped every 2 mile so she could put air in it. When we reached the century mark (100 miles) we stopped and celebrated with a caboose photo. Around mile 104 we crossed the Indiana state line marking our 9th state in 16 days!

Once we arrived at the church we showered and relaxed while Brad and Yiming made pasta for dinner. Tomorrow is a short day compared to today- 75 miles.


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