Wet, windy, wet, sunshine

This morning we woke at 6am and enjoyed a filling breakfast of cereal, danish, fruit and coffee provided by the United Methodist Church in Everett. We were on the road by 7:30am and were greeted by our first rain and thundershowers less then 5 miles into the ride. At around 10 miles we rolled into a little town where we sought shealter and snacks at the General Dollar while waiting for the storm to pass. I purchased my first box of poptarts of the summer for a dollar and Connie and I used plastic bags to make water proof shirts to keep dry. I spent the morning riding with the out of state crew that consited of Andrew, Stephe and myself. After the thunder stopped we continued on to our first waterstop of the day around mile 30. The first 30 miles consited of some small rolling hills but nothing major. The hills seemed to grow significantly after mile 30 until lunch in Somerset at mile 50. The sun broke through the clouds as we were eating our PB&J sandwichs outside of the CVS in Somerset allowing us to dry off a little bit before heading back out on the road for the final 30 miles.

Connie and Dana joined our group for the afternoon which consited of hills, rain and sun. My legs were feeling rather tight after lunch but were 100% better then yesterday when I was tired the whole day. Near the end of the ride as we were going down a steep and long hill the rain picked up along with the wind blowing so hard that it felt like hail hitting our faces. Around 6:30pm our group pulled into Mt. Pleasant and were greated with a warm dinner of Spaghetti, salad, and bread at the United Methodist Church. They topped it off with cookies, brownies and ice cream for dessert - a perfect meal after a long wet day on the bike. We finished the day covering 80 miles in just under 7 and a half hours. It was definitly a long wet day on the bike.

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