Wait…I thought these were mountains

Hello All!

Hope I am finding everyone well! Today we have a day off in Washington DC and I finally have internet access!! Unfortunately due to a numb pinky finger, from gripping my handlebars, the typing is slow going. Anyways, today we went to the Walter Reed Military Hospital to the Breast Cancer unit where we got to hear some emotional and amazing stories from the Chief of General Surgeon Colonel Craig Shriver. We also talked with two University of Illinois Alumnae who were there, one undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Janet Mulvaney, diagnosed 6 years and 4 months ago was an amazing inspiration for our team. She is so strong and such a delightful woman that it really hit the core of what our group is trying to do by raising money for cancer research. All in all the rides were beautiful yet unbelievably hilly, although coming from Illinois I think they are mountains, it has been wonderful!

Continuing on in search of Seattle!!

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