rollin along…

5 rides and 5 states down!

today is our first rest day in washington d.c.  most of the gang is making sure our bikes and bodies are in tip-top shape to tackle the next.  there isn’t really an easy way to sum up what has happened thus far…the days are already starting to blur together.  we have already encountered uphills and downhills, beautiful bike trails, rivers, bridges, city riding, country riding…the list goes on and this is only the beginning.

aside from the actual biking aspect of the trip today was the first day that i felt much more connected to our cause.  we were able to go on a tour of the breast cancer ward of the walter reed military hospital and learn more about what cancer is and who it is affecting.  we were able to speak with two u of i alums today, the mulvaneys.  mrs. mulvaney was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years and explained her experience in walter reed hospital as well as some of her personal thoughts while going through treatment. 

as i think about the next few days and the rolling pennsylvania hills that we will be ascending i will try to keep in mind a little piece of inspiration that mrs. mulvaney gave us…"there is no such thing as a bad day."

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