On the road…

Hello from Hillsboro, NJ! We have completed one day of riding putting in over 70 miles today after a number of missed turns and detours. We departed Central Park in New York City around 8am this morning crossing over the George Washington Bridge and into New Jersey. The majority of todays riding was stop and go traffic with many lights, pot holes and missed turns. The group I was riding with managed to find the lunch stop around 2pm and then later had a nice holdover snack of pizza when the kind owners of Maria’s Pizza & Restaurant offered us a free pie at a stop mid afternoon.

We arrived in Hillsboro around 5:45 pm where we are stending the night at Anish’s home. His parents fixed us a wonderful dinner followed by cake.

Tomorrow we head to Philadelphia a distance of between 50 and 60 miles. Others are waiting to use the computer so I wont post them right now but hopefully within a few days I’ll have photos posted in my photo album (see link on left side of page).

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